PRs, PRs Everywhere

So I’m at point in my training where I’m testing my maxes on the three main lifts. Yesterday was bench press, and I got 120 lb on that. I believe I’m probably capable of doing around 130, but definitely need to continue to get a feel for what it means to move a heavy single on this lift.

Today I squatted 170 pounds and deadlifted 240 pounds, both also PRs. I’m proudest of the squat. I’ve had a very odd relationship with squatting; developing confidence in this particular lift is slow going for me.

I weighed 111 this morning. The squat is pretty much 1.5 x bodyweight for me. The deadlift is more than twice bodyweight, and my bench is close to 10 pounds above bodyweight. Let’s keep this going.


2 thoughts on “PRs, PRs Everywhere

    1. Hey, thanks! I cannot wait to keep working on my squat. I have so much room to improve…it’s a complex lift (duh) and I’ve fought hard to gain the strength I’ve gained in it.

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