First Competition, 2.5 Weeks Out

I just got my receipt for my entry fee for the NASA Grand Nationals taking place July 14th. Translation: Oh. Shit. This is happening.  I weigh in the night before at 7 pm, so staying overnight in Des Moines will be a necessity. Oooooh, a hotel stay! Given how rarely I escape my little city and its university-dominated economy, I am excited about this. The fact that I’m excited about going to Des Moines, Iowa is a sad state of affairs indeed. Oh, Iowa…it’s been an experience marked mostly by banal farmscapes, slow drivers, and incomprehensibly bad snow management.

This meet is really about getting psychologically adjusted to the experience of competing in powerlifting more than it is about my numbers and total. I’ve only been training for it since April–hardly enough time to build the kind of strength I’m probably capable of. There is another meet in October that I hope to enter; between now and then, my training may progress significantly. That’s what I’m hoping for at this point, anyway.

So, there you have it, an incredibly short entry to report that there’s no going back now. I have managed to officialize my status as competitive athlete, and plan to further legitimize my claim to said title in the coming months. If I had been informed that this would be my future physical reality/identity five years ago, I imagine I would have been incredulous. I mean, hell, this is the amount of muscle we were working with around that point in time:

I used to really like this dress. Someone should have put a bolt on the door of the closet that housed my dresses back then, ugh.

So, onward. Rows, Chin-ups, pull-ups, facepulls, other stuff today. Couldn’t have done any of THAT back in 2007 or 2008.


One thought on “First Competition, 2.5 Weeks Out

  1. I’m really excited for you! I can only imagine how it feels comparing your body from now to then. I can’t really remember my pre-climbing body very well, except that there were a number of years where I was too embarrassed by my flabby arms to wear anything without sleeves.

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