Moving On Up: New Bench PR

Just benched 125 lb today, with a weigh-in of 111 even this morning. It was damned fun. And a rather intense storm was going on outside the gym during this event, which I take as a good omen for the meet. Actually, I don’t believe in omens, but I like storms, so what the heck. I’ll throw that in today’s blog for the hell of it.

Squatting tomorrow; I had been having a bit of trouble with a hamstring I stupidly tweaked during glute-ham raises but I did a squat and deadlift session with it feeling gimpy a few days ago and it held up fine. I was worried about doing so but have been learning that I have to feel out how to train smart around pain, that small strains periodically happen when one is pushing oneself to a higher physical level, and that the rule “if it doesn’t hurt, do it” is probably the smartest one to follow when it comes to judging whether one should lift with a certain ache or not. Squatting did not hurt the hamstring in the slightest, nor did deadlifting, and I did multiple sets of 215 x 3 that day. You don’t progress by being unduly afraid of injury–if you listen to your body/intuition when something gets taxed to the point of strained muscle fibers, you can still train. In the case of my hamstring, I plan on not doing too many hamstring-specific lifts in the final rounds of lifting before the meet on the 14th; the (mostly) rest week I take before the meet will give it time to further heal too. That said, I can’t feel anything wrong in my hamstring at this point and even ran up part of a hill on the way home from the gym without thinking when I started to get poured on. It’s typically not a good idea to get overzealous if one is coming off of tweaking a certain portion of one’s body, but my intuition says this issue is resolving nicely. And I worried ridiculous amount over it for nothing. Again, learning to be done here. I’ve got a magnet on my refrigerator that says “worry is like a rocking chair; it will give you something to do, but it won’t get you anywhere.” Apparently I don’t spend enough time staring at my refrigerator door.


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