One Week Out: It’s Crunch(Indolence) Time, Y’All

So begins the countdown to The Event (tonight’s UFC showdown between Silva and Sonnen? Not quite; my personality isn’t fractured to the extent that I’m slinging insults at myself in interviews. I’m also not giving any interviews. Hell, barely anyone reads this blog. How I just facetiously compared myself to anything UFC betrays my inflated self-appreciation, as does this extended parenthetical expounding, possibly).  Almost exactly one week from now I will be wrapping up or done with my first powerlifting competition.

Typing “my first powerlifting competition” feels somewhat odd, like I’m tossing out a title in a series of “my first _____” books written for seven year-olds. That said, I feel like I’ve got the naiveté of a seven year old mixed with the overactive anxiety center of a 26 year-old woman when my mind turns to this particular first. That’s not good. Lifting, much like running a marathon, is far more psychology-based than anyone wants to admit (alright, sports psychologists will tell you that that’s entirely untrue, then tell you that your insurance doesn’t cover their services). Am I physically capable of squatting 180? Yep, this is very likely the case. Could I psyche myself out of doing so? Yep, this is a possibility. I can psyche myself out of squatting weights I know I can squat well. I can second-guess my ability to deadlift ten pounds under my current PR. I can waver under the bar while setting up for benching 110 pounds–15 pounds below my current PR. It happens, and I’ve repeatedly demonstrated my ability to excel in the sport of self-sabotage.

So, I say a hearty “f— that” to the above skill. And this coming week, which, aside from Tuesday (benching) and Wednesday (squatting), is a rest week, is a week during which I am going to do my all-out best to act like a badass and adopt the psyche of “f— that” in relation to all things self-limiting. It’s summer, and hot as hell, and while my normal activities include feeling guilty about how much work I’m not doing, the next seven days are all about doing as much nothing as I want. This nothing will be punctuated by constant powerlifting meet video-watching, lifting article-reading, and drawing. Yeah, some of you know I do the art thing in my other life, and it balances out the strength training well. If I do some drawing during the next six days, I posit that its balancing effect will help to keep my zen state running strong.

And because you blog perusers tend to like visuals, here are two recent training videos from the same day:


I know these videos all look the same to some of you. That’s okay, I’m usually (but not always) wearing different outfits for them, so you’ve got some interest factor there.

Cheers. Sans alcohol, because I’m watching my weight like whoa this week–and most weeks, for that matter.


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