Babyeater Lies in Wait

Let’s do this.

Weigh-in looms: tomorrow at 7 PM I will be standing on a scale in my underwear watching someone slide a little piece of metal around and listening to her pronounce my weight. Yes, her. I at first had thought I might be weighed by a man/there might be men present for my weigh-in and had begun to strategize how to wear as little as possible without technically wearing underwear when Kyle informed me that this would not be the case. So I’m going to be gung-ho-nearly-naked in front of a at least one female stranger tomorrow and that will mark the beginning of my experience with my first powerlifting meet.

I also plan on pretty much running around like the badass Mother of Dragons up there, eating stuff and acting like I own whatever location I happen to find myself in tomorrow evening–a restaurant, a hotel room, a gas station bathroom, etc. At this point, my lifting efforts are going to be all about what’s going on in my head, not so much what’s going on physically, although that, of course, is something I’m always aware of to a great degree. But I can’t use the body I’ve worked to train/strengthen without a true Babyeater mindset to back its efforts, so it’s time to bring in the big mental guns and pretend I’m someone who can control small dragons and walk through fire. In other words, when it’s time to do some serious lifting, I turn into a massive geek. Game of Thrones Warrior Queen? Hell yeah, *raises right hand* present.

I’m not the only one who has such mental prepping protocol for serious lifting efforts. I know I’m not. I’m just probably one of the few individuals who’s dorky enough to admit to the specifics of my approach to psyching myself up for lifting. This approach typically includes music on training days; I’m not so concerned about needing music to amp myself up on Saturday, but if I did, you know what would be coming out of my headphones? Embarassing shit. Not Eye of the Tiger, but Linkin Park COULD be part of the pre-lift playlist on any given training day. I’m not proud of this. Again, I don’t think I’ll need it for Saturday–if anything, I’ll need to meditate in order to maintain as much focus as I can–but yeah, I admit, what I listen to and mentally embody in efforts to prepare for lifting does not land me in the cool kids’ camp.

Yesterday I did an abbreviated squat workout just to keep the technique fresh/do some command work. The session went quite well, and I even got video of my worst repetition to post here:

I squatted 165 after this and moved that better than I moved this 155 single. I think I slowed the squat in this clip down by worrying too much about hitting depth; no more worrying for me. It’s all about acceleration through the lift, and “fast” is going to echo through my head as I lift on meet day. And probably around the times I lift. “Fast…fast…fast…fast” as I sit and eat chicken or something. And Linkin Park? A song or two might get in there that day. It’s possible.


4 thoughts on “Babyeater Lies in Wait

  1. Is this where the infinitely naive dad should say “go getum Babyeater” or would some other war paint, ju-ju bead (from that baseball movie-remember?), or voo doo chant be appropriate? I disclaim all spelling (and reasoning) in any of these comments to wit! Well, good luck and have at it…

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