My Freaking Nemesis and What To Eat

Two things today:

1. I kind of suck at bent-over supinated-grip rows and have decided that, for the moment, they are my nemesis. Here’s me doing 115 for 11. Watch my face REALLY closely at the end of this set and you can just read the “god damnit” in it.

That said, I’m getting back into more regular training intensity as the week goes on. Today felt quite good and I was relatively strong at most lifts.

2. I get asked about dieting/nutrition/how to lose weight/what I eat a lot. If not a lot, at least a moderate amount, and probably way more than the average individual gets asked these questions. I thought I’d copy and paste what I feel to be the most basic response to all nutrition-related queries in my blog. If you disagree with this, I welcome your comments/input:

I suggest you stop looking for shortcuts in fad diets. Go old school. Brown rice, chicken, fish, vegetables (starches don’t really count here), olive oil, greek yogurt or cottage cheese, nuts (not salted and definitely not sweetened), egg whites. There you go.

Here’s the deal–it’s boring. Eating this way is boring, it’s ridiculously easy, and I suspect both of these elements of a cutting/low body fat percentage maintenance diet are the reason people look for something else–they get bored AND they think eating optimally is probably this massively complex endeavor so one of these crazyass diets MUST hold the answer, because there’s no way they’re ever going to figure the complexity out. Give yourself more credit than that. If you want to shed weight and/or be really lean, you’re going to have to suffer through a boring diet. Have cheat meals once in a while and deal with it. You can’t really have it both ways, honestly. This species’ metabolism isn’t wired that way.

So there you go, public service announcement regarding diet. Get over Whole30, paleo, atkins, whatever the hell. If you want a really lean body with high amounts of muscle, eat like a damned bodybuilder and be done with it. I get appreciably sick of the endless fads and debate on the subject.

And I will add that I do not find what I eat from day to day boring. I like it, therefore I’m happy to eat it. And I have occassional “cheat” meals (I often do so not to cheat but to get in a calorie surplus, which my body seems to like to train under periodically).


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