This Sh*t is Hard, and Sometimes I Suck

So. Lots of lifting and moving has gone on since last I posted, and I’ve been remiss in documenting the former on this blog. Apologies to the ten of you who read it–I will now return to documentation and discussion with zeal and high levels of disdain for such things as crossfit (not worth capitalizing) and guys who stare at me like I’m an alien in the gym.

Today’s work was rough. Bench is my weakest lift, and I had a higher-volume day that I’ve had before at a somewhat higher weight for said volume. I was supposed to do the last two of my five sets of bench at 105 pounds, first for five reps and then for as many reps as possible (the assumption being I can do more than five at this point). Did I do five reps on that fourth set? No. Did I do five reps on the fifth set? Freaking no. It’s a crappy feeling to fall short one the expectations one has for a given workout, and I haven’t had it happen this badly since I failed at 155 squat doubles months ago (have been able to manage those since, by the way).

Four reps. Here’s me on that fifth set, demonstrating my ability to fall short:

So this is the part where I should write something reflective and thoughtful about every lifting session not going perfectly, that I’m just coming off a meet, etc. etc.; I’m going to save that for some point in time at which I feel like being positive-er, and that time is not now. It’s fine, but today’s lifting work was extremely discouraging. I know that SO much about my bench is very weak. My arm length makes the amount of distance I have to move the weight during bench press pretty high, especially compared to those who do not have long humeri. I’m going to have to train around this issue and overcome it. That’s obviously not going to happen overnight, and I must be content to sit through a long trajectory of workout sessions to see improvement. Here’s something I’m better at than bench: pull-ups. I have started doing weighted pull-ups, tucking a dumbbell between my legs and then performing the lift. It’s fun and I look forward to improving/strengthening with these.

I’m just going to stop with this blog post here. I have spent the last 48 hours either cleaning the apartment I just moved out of/moving final crap or working out. I’m tired. Screw all of it–including my humeri.


One thought on “This Sh*t is Hard, and Sometimes I Suck

  1. I was hoping for those ab update photos you promised!

    Presently I suck at chin/pull-ups…. may seem odd for a climber, but probably that’s why I don’t climb well, either.

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