The Multi-Media Cheat-Meal-Squat-Deadlift-and-the-Kitchen-Sink Part II Post

In a belated effort to recap the lovely cheat meal/onion ring extravaganza that took up the bulk of my evening this past Friday, I give you a small gallery with commentary verging dangerously close to foodie rhetoric.

So there you have it, carb backloading/carb loading.

…and there was also work to be done. I had a pretty successful paused bench session on Monday followed by some good pulling and squatting work yesterday. First, I pulled 245 for triples. Here is a video of my first set of these:

I’ve started deadlifting with a belt, and it’s been a positive transition. This is my second session working with one, and it has absolutely kicked my speed up several levels. I’ve got some pretty substantial bruising today from the warm-ups I did with the belt yesterday.

Next, I did some squatting. I’m posting the last set, which certainly wasn’t the prettiest:

Knees are coming in; I have a bad habit of trending towards doing this when I tire/with heavier weight, but it’s something I’ve been able to correct and will continue to do so in the future. I’m happier with where my depth is these days, and while this video isn’t taken from the most fantastic angle to illustrate it, I think my depth here is quite good.

I’m 16 days out from my second meet. I have a week before this meet that will be mostly rest (some light squatting and benching will take place), so I really don’t have that many peaking work sessions left. My pulling is very strong right now, my squat is a little meh, and my bench is a freaking wildcard. I don’t quite know what I’ll be looking at attempting for the meet on the 27th, but this is something I’ll be firming up in the next seven days or so.


3 thoughts on “The Multi-Media Cheat-Meal-Squat-Deadlift-and-the-Kitchen-Sink Part II Post

  1. Those onion rings look amazing! Also nice grind on those squats. How long have you been backloading for? Do you find you’ve had positive results on it? Increase strength, muscle? Are you hungry in the morning?

    1. Yeah, I’ve really got to work on my knees with higher intensity squatting. Bugger. As far as backloading goes…I’m not really strictly doing the carb backloading diet that’s espoused by many powerlifters (Mark Bell, for instance). That said, I do think that this intermittent feasting is functioning close to the way the carb backloading process is supposed to function; I’ve stayed at the same (or recently, an actually lower) weight but feel like my musculature is continually adapting/changing as I strength train. I also get an energy boost/lifting boost for a few days after doing one of these meals. It’s kind of nuts, but it seems to be working. I think I have another one tomorrow…

    2. also, nope, not really hungry in the morning; I have had lighter breakfasts after these carbload meals many times because I simply feel full. I still try to eat something, though (usually eggwhites, sometimes I just drink them, ugh).

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