9 Days Out From My Next Meet! Insert Creative/Catchy Blog Post Title Here

I tried. I just couldn’t come up with a better title for this post, so we’re going with typical/lacking in creativity on this one. Apologies.

Here’s me in training today deadlifting 260 lb for a double; I think this was the second set of these I did (did a 250 double for my first deadlift work set, then two 260 x 2’s). This is the last time I’ll deadlift before I do so again next week (oh. Crap. Next weekend. This is happening next weekend).

My last training day pre-meet is Sunday–that said, I’ll come in on Wednesday of this coming week and do some light benching and squatting to keep technique and commands ingrained in my mind for Saturday. Then it’s a drive to Des Moines and a weigh-in on the night of the 26th. I’m so excited to be heading out for my second meet. The University of Iowa powerlifters will have a few new members to the competition roster for this one, and I believe some members of our club will be coming just to watch and help out. Having people around with whom one trains/from whom one derives support is a very helpful part of a meet experience. I’m coming into this next one feeling confident about my strength and where my head will be on meet day; having team members around will only reinforce and support my efforts on competition day.

Also, I’m looking forward to Jethro’s barbeque. Onion rings! They will be mine!


4 thoughts on “9 Days Out From My Next Meet! Insert Creative/Catchy Blog Post Title Here

  1. We non powerlifters are cheering for you too. While out of town I managed to “wimpy lift” my versa weights (you know,my light workout!) once – then I had to take a break after my right arm refused to lift high into the air (compared to the left) for the next week or so. OK now. Back to wimpylifts soon. Love you dear.

    1. Love you too, dad! And I love this “wimpylifts” phrase you’ve got going–hey, at least your’e doing something, and it’s relatively consistent, which is so great. You’re really doing yourself good in the long-term, so please keep at it and I’m happy to help with whatever weirdo lifting issues you might encounter along the way!

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