The Waiting Week

So I’m currently about two days into the waiting week–yes, it’s a rest week before the meet and it is more typically denoted as a rest week, but based on how this week felt last time, it’s more of a waiting period than anything else. Everything for me is mentally narrowed down to Friday at about 5 PM when we’ll get on the road and head to Des Moines. For reasons likely connected to my inordinate love of road trips, the drive to the Des Moines Strength Institute and the weigh-in that will take place at 7 PM is really where the adventure of this coming meet begins. Currently, my car’s passengers include Kyle and fellow team member Chris. This is probably a good thing; were I driving to the meet by myself I’d be blasting horrible motivational music the entire way and probably taking out my hearing by a few percentage points. I’d also drive faster. Having passengers whose comfort I must consider in the car with me will temper me on both counts to a great degree.

My weight is currently very stable and should not present a problem for the weigh-in. This morning I woke up at 110.6 lb, which is actually at the lower end of weight range I like to see right now; I’m going 114, not 105, so I sure as hell do not need to lose any more weight of whatever type (and certainly wouldn’t benefit from doing so). Friday night I will be having a fantastic pre-meet meal, of which I have been asked to get pictures. So I will. And you will be jealous, disgusted, fascinated, or some combination of the three.

I have not totally decided on my attempts yet. I know what I’d LIKE to hit at this meet–a 121 bench, a 180 squat (this might be 181; the killo conversion is not something I’ve got memorized) and a 280-290 pull. 290 would probably be pushing it. I believe I’ll be mulling over this for the next several days. I will say that I’m fairly sure I’ll go 121 for the second bench attempt. My squat opener will probably be 160 or 165. Those are the two nearest certainties I’m able to throw out at the moment.

My next post is going to involve fetish discussion. This is either going to serve as incentive to check in on my blog again soon or it will be a deterrent. You have been warned.


2 thoughts on “The Waiting Week

  1. Hi, I found your blog after reading your comment on that ridiculous article on the NYT about why women can’t do pull-ups. I only train bodyweight (check out my blog at but I just wanted to say that yours is great and I’ve added it to my RSS feeds. Always cool to read about strong women, especially ones that seem humble and cool 🙂

    1. Hey, thanks so much!! I’m glad to be able to have reached out to more people; I actually got a lot of feedback in various ways after making that comment and this blog was visited over 800 times yesterday (that’s CRAZY, it’s always something like no more than 40 hits a day) because of it. The more people who give themselves credit for having the potential to do something, the better. I just want to encourage that.

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