Getting Back Into It (Back Abuse Edition)

So. For a week after a meet, you generally feel out of it. Your lifts are weak, you’re weak, your body is trying to recover, it’s just one big bleh. Unless you’re my boyfriend, who is a superhuman and whose bench seems to have recovered to the point where he’s either making or matching rep PRs on it already. 

I’ve been holding myself back, which I’m not a huge fan of doing. I don’t like not doing enough. Sometimes, resting IS doing enough. In order to start gearing up for a serious bunch of new lifting cycles, I need to recover. So this past week has been about working back into the lifts. Next week will see me starting a new cycle–but it might still be a tempered one. I’m going to have to get used to volume again. 

So, I’m still alive. I’m in one piece. My back is a little unhappy about setting up for bench, but it seems to be gradually improving. Onward. 


One thought on “Getting Back Into It (Back Abuse Edition)

  1. Never doing a competition or anything that would put that kind of pressure on the body. Can only imagine! Probably best to take your time and let your body recover like you are doing. After all, as you know your body needs to recovery in order to grow!

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