A Powerlifting Pilgrim’s Pulling Progress, 245 lb Edition

Yesterday I worked with 245 lb for my for deadlift work sets. I did warm-up work, then three sets of 245 doubles (easy) then had to AMRAP (this acronym, for those of you who are not lifter freaks, means “as many reps as possible”) my last set. AMRAPing a deadlift set is a new experience for me–I did 230 for 6 last week and really haven’t done very much of it prior to that. In general, my deadlift training has only recently been honed to having a deadlift-dedicated day in my workout schedule. My body has strengthened and adapted to greater volumes in deadlift training to the point where this scheduling is something my back can handle. I really enjoy having a day I get to come in and focus solely on pulling (as opposed to having to handle both squatting work and deadlifting on the same day, which was fine, but I would prefer to reserve my back’s strength for either one endeavor or the other on a given training day).

The set depicted in this video is my AMRAP set. Yes, you can see some roundness happening in certain areas of my back during this set. Pay attention to the lower, lumbar region of my spine–it remains relatively straight throughout the movement. My style of pulling seems to incline towards some mid-to-upper back rounding, and at this point, I’m okay with that. The day after pulling, I’m rarely that sore if at all. I’m sore right now, but mostly from other things I’ve been doing in workouts (modified ultra-wide-grip pull-ups, ab-wheel rollouts, blah blah blah), but my lower back is quite content. I keep the bar generally close to my hips as I pull upward, and the bar travels in a straight path up until the fifth rep, when I do something a little weird and that bar looks like it was closer to the left side of my body than the right.

Overall, pretty good speed, pretty solid barpath, and a few guys doing some staring in the background. I think next week I’m doing heavy pulling singles for my pre-AMRAP work sets, so hell yeah, I’m excited about that.

My other two lifts have actually been going pretty well in the training I’ve done since my meet. I continue to refine my bench, and I have been digging deep to get to the 190+ squat I WANT. We’ll see where things go in the next two months.


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