Sometimes, I Don’t Handle Injury Well

Rather, I pretty much never handle injury well. I have a history of doing some pretty stupid things to try to heal whatever I’ve managed to do to myself in training. That said, I haven’t done anything significant to myself in training in quite a while, and whatever is going on with my rib right now is relatively minor, or should be.

Here, I tape myself up in attempt to alleviate some of the discomfort of my displaced rib with tape that should NOT be taped on bare skin. Taking it off was painful. I would have used an ACE bandage, but the athletic tape you see here is what I had lying around.


8 thoughts on “Sometimes, I Don’t Handle Injury Well

    1. This one might be fairly “doable” in that I can probably still train with it. I’ve taken one day off training and the next day was supposed to be a rest day anyway, so tomorrow I’ll go in there and see what I can do. It might not be pretty.

      1. There is always that fine line between are you doing yourself good by still training or slowing your progress or even worse hurting yourself worse. I’ve been batting a bicep problem for months now. Finally think I’m about back but I could have made things much easier on myself! Why is rest so difficult???

  1. Oh my gosh I really feel your pain here – in the early days of my physical therapy I used to have kinesio tape applied all the way from my knee to the middle of my back (trying to get excess fluid to drain up instead of down into my feet where it caused a lot of swelling) in this crazy swirl pattern that would hurt like a beeotch if I tried to remove it or adjust it before having worn it for about 2 days when it would then start to loosen up on its own. The tape ended up helping a lot but it was definitely annoying lol

    1. Oh man, I was totally shrieking as he took it off. It was like a girly version of Jackass. That’s really interesting about the physio’s use of tape with you–I would never have thought that might be a method towards swelling reduction they’d try. How long did you wear these tape configurations? I’m so glad it worked for you.

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