Having a Sense of Humor About Your Workout

Enter the subject of this entry into the “Things I’m Often Not Very Good At So I Have To Try Really Hard At Them” file. This file is large, by the way. One the most erratic aspects of my training is how well I manage to manage my mind from session to session. Some days are better than others–some days it comes easily, and some days I can barely control my emotions and the thoughts with which they interfere. I work out in a university gym and see and experience some pretty weird/annoying/downright disturbing/again, annoying/periodically assholish-stuff. It has been my mission, particularly over the past few months, to release myself and my training from being affected by these guys–yes, it’s almost ALWAYS guys around me, so I’m going with a gender generalization here–in any way. As I’ve said before and then not followed my own preaching, you control how you react to stimuli. Let’s say you enter the gym on, say, a Monday evening before the spring semester starts (yes! Yes! Last freaking semester of grad school ever! Make it go away!) and apparently everyone else on campus has decided to do the same thing. There is no logical reason you must react to the melee with chagrin, reservations, hyperventilation, cursing, etc. (guess which of these activities I was guilty of this evening. Bonus points if you can tell me WHICH curse words I used. No, the answer is not all of the curse words. Not this time). If you try, and I eventually settled down and did try, you can lift with a circus going on around you. You might even be able to laugh about it.

I’ve been regularly posting video on my Youtube channel with commentary of late.  If you watch this video, you’ll see some of the aforementioned melee. It felt about 50 times worse actually being in it. Also, please subscribe to my Youtube channel because it makes me really happy when I check my email and I get a notification that someone has. I’m serious–no one ever emails me aside from Change.org (please go away Change.org. Please. I have turned into a cynical misanthropist in my old age and I get sick of your springy, nonsensical alerts about someone’s kid’s girl scout leader’s sister’s cousin wanting equal rights to shopping carts for short people or whatever) so it would make me happy. And you can listen to me make fun of myself, which is mostly what I do in my videos. I talk about my lifting a little too.


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