What Happened When I Missed Making Weight: Another Confessional

Here, I explain the events of yesterday. There is no mention of me walking around a locker room naked, angry, crazy, starved, and blind, but that happened. That’s a story for perhaps the next blog post. There IS mention of how the weight cut was and wasn’t successful and what I learned from the experience, which was roughly a metric ton. There’s also dramatic reference to my near-blackout experience, so prepare yourself.


7 thoughts on “What Happened When I Missed Making Weight: Another Confessional

  1. Ms. Janis—don’t push yourself too hard!!!!!!! You bounced back quickly this time, but who knows how it would go next time, girl!!!!!

    1. You have a point, but I’ll be planning this out very carefully. I don’t know my body, apparently, in terms of its ability to sweat (now I do), but I know it in many other ways and I”ll be tinkering with things that won’t hurt me to bring the weight down a bit more.

    1. That’s a really good question! The thing is, most competitors at the top of their weight class cut down to that weight. You want to maximize the amount of muscle you can have for the weight class, which means water and fat just take up room. I never actually weigh close to 114 bodyweight–I’m usually about 110 or 111 lb. If I were to be at the top of the 114 class, I’d probably need to be sitting around at 116-118 to really maximize my potential for that class. Hopefully this makes sense.

    1. That’s a very good question that is honestly rather complicated to answer–one of the biggest issues with moving up a weight class is that it is FAR harder to put on lean muscle, particularly for women, than one might think. One must bulk and cut multiple times–which can and should take months to a year. In all honesty, in a weight-class-based sport, 116 IS far away from 110.

      1. Well I mostly asked because if I were to compete I’d want to do it at around 180. I recently gained from 160-175 and my lifts were dramatically better. It was a lot of work (which work you are already doing, of course) and the eating was a lot of work, and I got fatter, but the results were dramatic enough (for me) that I concluded that I’d sacrifice being at a lower body fat percentage for those gains. I’m not interested in competition right now because I’m too invested in the martial arts and not physically capable of putting 100% into more than one thing. I know a lot of folks who compete in weight class sports and understand that everyone really wants to be at their lowest body fat, but I am not totally convinced that it’s the best choice for everyone. At any rate, good luck in April. I can tell you will dominate 192 next time.

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