Long Time No Post, So Here’s Some Deadlift Action

Holy balls, this is what happens when you’re trying to get your MFA finished and run a lifting blog at the same time. MFA and training win, apparently. But I’m every day closer to finishing with the degree, and have more time in the coming days to blog, so I shall. So for now I’ll leave you with this badly-narrated video of me hitting 285 lb x 3 with a bodyweight of 110 lb.

285 x 3 is a rep PR. My next meet is April 20th, so hopefully this is a good sign for that. my last meet PR was 292. Now I’m repping close to that. Dayum.


11 thoughts on “Long Time No Post, So Here’s Some Deadlift Action

    1. I’m just so close to a meet that, unlike almost all other times when training, I feel like being a tiny bit conservative–and I really wasn’t here, 3 at 285 is seriously a pretty good PR for me–is not a bad idea. I’d rather save myself for the meet, which doesn’t require much, but when it comes to deadlifting…not a bad idea.

      1. Definitely smart close to a meet and that is definitely some serious weight! Trying to lift that much weight when it’s not there is how you end up not being able to compete. Looking forward to hearing how it goes and good luck!

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