Choosing Another Direction is Not Failure (I Think)

I have neither failed nor am I giving up. The Atlantic recently published a piece entitled “How to Walk Away: The Psychology of Lost Causes.” I saw this article right around the time I concluded I needed to move away from staying at 105 for my own sanity, and I’d recommend that anyone who’s contemplating a shift in their life read it. It really intones the concept of cutting one’s losses, but cutting my losses is something I’m not good at and I need to keep the concept in mind as I work my way through where I want to be with lifting.

I have chosen not to compete in the 105 weight class in the foreseeable future, but I do not consider that weight class a “lost cause,” and it being a “lost cause” is not why I chose to abandon it.

Here is a vlog I recorded yesterday explaining the reasons behind this decision and a little bit of my ideas about my semi-near future in powerlifting.


13 thoughts on “Choosing Another Direction is Not Failure (I Think)

  1. Great wisdom. Love how you involve us in your process. You insist that “nobody cares” and “nobody’s watching this” … I think a lot of people on social media feel that nobody cares. I am 50, my coefficient from last year kicks A**, but yeah … nobody cares about me either. When I do something great, if I ever do, I’ll know who my friends are. Keep up the good work and remember to strive for longevity rather than shooting star status. (although the star thing is nice too). Vicki

  2. I notice you got excited when you talked about building muscle…enjoy the sport follow your heart, you have the answers
    Best of luck nah best of everything

    1. Grin, Helen, I’m sort of kidding. Very much kidding. That said, in order to build substantial muscle you do need to be on a surplus..and that brings a certain raise in body fat percentage. Then you go through a cut and manage that gained fat (if you choose). I did it once, and it was kind of awesome. Time to do it again.

  3. You bet I watched every second of 7+ minutes! What a mature and wonderful lifter. I think I’m very objective even though you wouldn’t expect it from a guy like me!!!

  4. I’m excited to hear about your new direction. I think your 105 meet was very successful in some ways, but staying in a particular weight class is not worth being miserable and falling into habits of thought and behavior that are harmful. I’m pretty much always in favor of athletes putting on more mass and getting stronger. I’m just biased that way. Looking forward to hearing all about it. 🙂

  5. I care and I watched! I’m training for my first bodybuilding competition (bikini) and I feel SO small right now. My post-competition goal is to compete in an amateur oly or powerlifting meet; I’m looking forward to building strength and putting on some mass. PS I completely agree with your responses on the Skinny is the New Strong article on the Fit and Feminist blog. Wise words!

    1. Thanks for your response! Yes, this is really a long haul, so just give yourself time to hone your body and your lifting in the direction you want it to go. I definitely recommend trying some other strength sport than physique competition–you might find you like it far better (as a lot of women who switch over seem to say).

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