A Deadlift Video With My Commentary–Quick Post for a Friday!

I worked with about 88% of my current max on this day and lifted 265 lb for sets of 3 and 4 reps. Lots of smaller lifting later in this workout bringing me closer towards goals of encouraging hypertrophy and strengthening my main lifts.

Also, in the spirit of hypertrophy/bulking/me getting bigger, a drawing I did a little while ago:



11 thoughts on “A Deadlift Video With My Commentary–Quick Post for a Friday!

    1. Many thanks, Elaine! For this percentage of my max, I agree, the speed off the floor isn’t too bad here. I tend to be slower off the floor, and I’m okay with that as it often means I’m keeping good technique through the lift.

    2. Yes, I do lift in the 52 kg weight class–114 lb for those of us stuck in the non-metric system. The thing is, I actually did my last meet in the 48 kg weight class (105 lb) and deadlifted 303 lb (I think that’s about 138 kg?) there. I look bigger (taller, definitely) than i actually am in my videos. I’m only about 5’2″ (about 158 cm) tall.

      1. You deadlift close to 3 times your bodyweight!? Those numbers are unbelievable Janis! You’re inspiring to us women in the lower weight classes. Inspiring to ALL lifters to be more precise. I’m with lethalastronaut that your videos are very helpful, and its greatly appreciated that you share your lifting experiences. I’ve subscribed to your youtube channel and am excited to check out more of your videos:)

    3. Yep, close to 3x! I’m horrible at benching though ;] (due in part to what makes me such a great deadlifter–my skeletal propotions). So glad you like the videos! The software I use to make them is WAY too powerful for my computer and recently it’s gotten me incredibly frustrated. I’m going to keep making them and I’ll have to subscribe to your channel too (I love YT…such an interesting social lifting sphere).

  1. Looking good. I really appreciate women who are further along (more advanced / experienced) posting videos and talking through problems, pitfalls, and what’s going on in their minds – it’s useful stuff. Thanks πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you! I really enjoy making the videos. Final Cut Pro really is too powerful for my computer, but it’s fun anyway. I actually have a youtube channel and i post these nearly daily. It’s kind of ridiculous, but it ends up coming in handy for me months later.

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