And Now For Something Cheery: I Hit a Squat PR and Then Did Another Rep With it

So I had a squat max of 187 for…too long. This is the top squat I made in my meet in October and then again in April (albeit after a weight cut, which DID have an impact on my strength). My workouts before the last meet suggested I should be able to squat more, then I failed an attempt at 192. Well, yesterday, after I had done two work sets with 170, Kyle told me to go out for a PR. I embraced this–just because I’m not that spontaneous a person does not mean I don’t enjoy spontaneity when the opportunity to experience it is presented to me. I loaded the bar for 190 pounds, took a little time to rest from my recent work set, and then it happened. I squatted a PR. And then Kyle told me to go for another rep with that PR. And I made it too. So now I know my 2-rep max. I am guessing, based on what happened yesterday, that my max may actually be closer to 200. Here’s the video (with the max test at 1:22):

So…not all is contemplation for me. Sometimes it’s just about getting shit done.


15 thoughts on “And Now For Something Cheery: I Hit a Squat PR and Then Did Another Rep With it

    1. Oh good! Yes, as far as box squats goes, I do them to teach myself both tightness and explosion out of the bottom of the squat. You might be inclined to think that the box squat would operate in the opposite way–you get to rest on the box! Yeah!–but that’s actually the opposite of how the movement is successfully executed. You are box squatting well if you use the box as a reminder to stay EXTREMELY tight and then explode with your hips when you come to a slight rest on it.

      1. Nah. There will be many more of them to come. You’re still young, and lifters don’t even reach their peak until their 40s and 50s, from what I understand.

        You’ve got a big journey ahead of you, so look forward to blasting through your PRs 🙂

    1. absolutely! i have a lot of years left!! I think I meant it in terms of PRs not occurring very often within short spans of time–say, months. If you’re an intermediate-plus level lifter, this is kind of your lot. You have to treasure them when they do occur. It’s really nice when people online help you celebrate–I feel like this is one of the great positives of being engaged with a lifting community online.

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